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Concepting and consulting table
Developing innovative product/service experiences that help people in their daily activities.
To support the improvement of processes, services, or products and align them with the needs of the customer.
Concepting and Consulting


Analysis & Concept proposal
for Product, Service or Process
By looking at it from a distance as an external. To then analyze the findings, and if necessary investigate further. And to convert the results into a solution with an eye to the future.

Analyse & Concept voorstel
Usage studies
Set up, implement, facilitate, analyze

Involve users throughout the process to improve the user experience. On the basis of, for example, interviews, user tests, context mapping, etc.

User Research - Gebruiksonderzoeken
Advice & workshops
Design thinking, Agile working, etc.

Facilitate, organize, advise or inform about, for example:

Design thinking

Design sprints

Co- Design

Agile working


Uniform working method

Customer journeys

UX Research & Design

Advies & Workshops
Proces optimalisatie
Intern of Extern

By talking to different people and seeing different perspectives. Using this information to map out the similarities and differences and thus bring the right people together. And to visualize this, for example, on the basis of a Customer journey. In order to achieve a well-fitting result faster.

Proces optimalisatie
training Design
Online or Offline

By getting into and analyzing the knowledge area and converting it into an (e-) training design. Supporting the expert in the development of the training.


About me

Enthusiastic, curious, and like to learn more. When designing a new product, service, or process, I want to be sure that what I design is what the user really needs. To find out, I like to ask the why, observe and do research. Translate user needs into requirements and designs. I am concerned with improving products and processes, in which I find human interaction important.

I like to work with people, where necessary I like to look for the best person in the network to deliver the best results for the project together.

In my spare time I play tennis, I run, I like to travel and
love to spend time with my friends and family.

Over mij


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