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A lifting concept

The UP is a mat that allows you to work at different heights.

Through observations and interviews the following goal has been formulated: 'to quickly and easily relieve weight for the caregivers while lifting a toddler from the ground, whereby the design should support the rehabilitation process of the children.'

Important conclusions were that the transfer is fast, personal and pleasant for the children. With the UP, only the vertical lift can be avoided, relieving the carers' back and knees.

Check it
Check it
helps you focus during work

Open plan offices are becoming increasingly busy, with the check it you can put yourself on the red for a while. To start a focus moment and "close the door" you turn the check it and the time starts to run. By researching the maximum concentration time and the needs of the user, it is not possible to focus on the whole day. This way you can plan your focus moments, but also the times when you can be disturbed and are open to questions or coffee with colleagues.

changing to agile work environment

Improving and accelerating the work process. By analyzing the process, it was decided to implement SCRUM and Jira. After the analysis, I supervise the implementation of the new process. This by supporting the teams during the first months by means of workshops, coaching and retrospectives.

usability & Process
at 'de rechtspraak'

A large and complex digital form for the judiciary. This form had to be accessible to ordinary citizens and professionals. By means of interviews and user testing, a form was eventually created that satisfies both and where the Judiciary could also obtain the correct information.

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